What Does Your Music Say About Your Business?

25 Million fully licensed songs and advanced, practical features.

Here at Jukeboxy, we know that great music is a key element customers look for. Jukeboxy provides a huge music library and powerful tools that can’t be found anywhere else, plus a personal app to encourage social interaction. Easy set up, easy to use, free to try, and a lot of brand value to gain for virtually any business that plays music for their customers.

Designed To Fit Your Needs

Manage the music in your business with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

manager app

Jukeboxy Manager App

  • Oversee and control playlists, volume, customer interactions, & more
  • Usable on a smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere with internet
  • Pick from custom curated playlists or create your own on the fly

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player app

Jukeboxy Player App

  • Play from any platform: tablet, desktop, JBox (small hardware), or smartphone / iPod
  • Promote your business through our HDTV digital signage option
  • Let Jukeboxy run itself while you focus on your business!​

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You can play Jukeboxy in your:

Customize your brand experience with Jukeboxy!

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Let Your Customers Set The Mood

Connecting with your customers adds a new and valuable element to your brand experience. Using Jukeboxy Music, our personal app, your customers can check in, push their playlists, and post to social media. Of course, if an owner/manager doesn’t want their customers to influence the music, they can always turn this option off.​

We’ve Got It All.

Jukeboxy’s mission is simple:
make it easier to achieve the perfect music for your business.

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